Tip: Use a free VPN for Android.

Welcome to you, dear droid!
Today we will see how to make some applications believe that we come from another country. To carry out our little trick, we will use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). For explanations of “késako a VPN? », I leave you the care to consult this small article
There are many applications on Android that allow you to create a VPN and connect from the country of your choice. In this tip we will focus on a basic and above all free: Hola.how to setup a vpn on android

Ready for a virtual world tour?

Necessary material.
A device running Android (these are the TV dongles, mini PC and Android box that interest us here, find them on our SHOP)
Software and Applications.
• Hola VPN Free for Android


To get started, install the free Hola VPN app that’s available on Google Play:
Open the application to get to the Hola home screen. To choose which application we want to use with a VPN and therefore to believe that we are from another country, just go further down the page and click on the corresponding icon.
Click first on the United States flag and choose, for example, Canada:

Then choose to open:

Android sends us a warning message for the use of a VPN, check “I trust this application. »And confirm with OK:
Then go to the Google search engine via the Chrome app and type: Iplocation.
Go to www.iplocation.net then, on the main page, go down to see the country where your IP address is geolocated: for us it is about Canada and more specifically the city of Oakville in Ontario :

The VPN is so active, we managed to make Chrome believe that we are currently in Canada.
But concretely what can it serve? Using a VPN can be useful when you want to “scramble” your IP address so that we can not recognize you on certain sites or have access to some unavailable information by connecting via your home country. And many others obviously …
Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments for which applications you use a VPN or your little tips. For any remark or question about our tip of the day, same direction!

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