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The activity of a modern person is impossible without the use of personal gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. They store and process a large amount of important personal information that should not fall into the wrong hands. Of course, operating systems have security features to prevent hacking. However, the attackers learned to circumvent them using special programs. Today, every user, if he wants to keep his data confidential, must use additional security measures and specialized software, and the Security Master app is one of the best examples of such software. Let’s consider it in more detail.


Table of contents:

  1. What does Security Master offer?
  2. Main features of Security Master
    • Intelligent Diagnosis
    • SafeConnect VPN
    • Wi-Fi Security
    • Message Security
    • AppLock
    • Anti-Theft Alarm
  3. Customer support


What does Security Master offer?

The Security Master app is not just another antivirus. This is a whole range of software solutions that aims to comprehensively protect your confidentiality and security. In addition to cybersecurity, it optimizes the work of your device and makes it possible to visit inaccessible pages that are blocked by your internet provider. The Security Master app has good optimization for most modern devices. It does not slow down the operating system and does not take up much space in the internal memory of your device. You can use all services without slowing down your phone.

The developers paid a lot of attention to the interface. The software has a nice and clean design as well as an intuitive structure, so you will not have problems with its use. Even a child can easily use specialized software without any difficulties.

Cheetah Mobile, the creators of this software, has established itself as experienced and responsible developers. They have already released several other products that received positive reviews from both users and critics. Therefore, you can be sure that the Security Master app will receive quality support and will be updated following current trends.


Main features of Security Master

Security Master is a complex and effective software package that ensures the stable operation of a smartphone or tablet. Due to the free distribution model and its effectiveness, this software has gained great popularity among users. Already more than 25 million people use it on their devices. What is the reason for the popularity of Security Master? Of course, these are the software solutions that developers have put into their products. Let’s consider them in more detail.


Intelligent Diagnosis

This module of the Security Master app consists of three tools that help protect and optimize your device. Antivirus aims to protect the device from any kind of malware. It scans the device for the presence of viruses, and if they are detected, antivirus first blocks and then removes the malicious code. Besides, the antivirus helps protect your device from new dangerous virus programs by scanning all incoming Internet traffic. Using Antivirus – Security Master, you can be sure that your data will not leak into the network.

Junk Clean helps your device stay free of temporary files and excess garbage generated by various applications. The Security Master app scans the device and finds various files that have not been used for a long time or slow down the system. This module allows you to quickly find and remove unnecessary applications, excess information, even from the system’s cache.

Phone Boost, Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler modules allow you to speed up the system, as well as optimize the battery of your device. This will not require complex manipulations. You just simply run the appropriate tool, and the Security Master app will do everything by itself.


SafeConnect VPN

There are situations when you need to hide your real IP address to maintain anonymity and protect your passwords from scammers. The SafeConnect VPN tool is excellent for such cases. This module offers you a fast and secure VPN proxy. It will allow you to protect personal information from hackers, and moreover, it will allow you to visit sites that are blocked in your country. Enjoy complete anonymity on the web by prohibiting the tracking of your activities. SafeConnect VPN provides stable communication between your device and the company’s server, additionally encrypting all the data sent. Thanks to this, you can safely use the internet and not be afraid that your passwords / personal information will be disclosed in public.

Security Master download

Wi-Fi Security

This module of security software enhances your work with Wi-Fi networks. You can test the speed of the network and find out the real possibilities of your internet connection. However, this is not the main advantage of the tool. The Wi-Fi Security module can detect Wi-Fi phishing networks that can steal your personal information in one way or another. The Security Master app detects and identifies such kind of networks, reporting information to the user. This handy feature allows you to disconnect from such a network in time and not become a victim of scammers.


Message Security

To improve confidentiality, the developers of Security Master have implemented the Message Security module. As the name implies, this tool works with messages. Message security hides the preview of notifications so no one can see the contents of the message and who wrote to it to you. Besides, the software can combine messages from different instant messengers in one chat. This feature helps to significantly save time since you can respond to new messages much faster. Message Security not only provides anonymity but also simplifies the process of communicating with your contacts.



Sometimes you need to block certain functions or folders with personal information on your phone. As a rule, such data as, for example, photos, videos, and so on are hidden from strangers (from a friend or girlfriend). For such cases, developers have created an AppLock module that does its job perfectly. Security Master can block applications, access to gadget functions, data, etc. using a pin-code or your fingerprint. Set access restrictions in any way convenient for you and be sure that your information is reliably hidden from strangers.


Anti-Theft Alarm

The modern world is fraught with many dangers and unpleasant situations. It is not surprising that we are often faced with theft. People often encounter this problem, especially in undeveloped countries. Skillful thieves stealthily steal phones, leaving owners without their favorite equipment. The most unpleasant thing in this situation is that your personal information may become available to third parties. A thief can easily access all your passwords and personal information, which can significantly affect your budget.

To prevent such situations, the developers introduced a special module in the Security Master app called Anti-Theft Alarm. It has a simple but effective working principle. During the theft of your phone from a pocket, bag or another place, the thief somehow moves it and during such an unplanned movement, the device starts to sound an alarm. This empowers you to immediately notice the loss and determine who committed the crime. In most cases, the thief does not even have time to steal the device, as a sudden sound signal scares him off.

Security Master offers full protection to your phone security!



Customer support

The Security Master app has a considerable number of advantages that nowadays are completely necessary. A large number of positive feedback from users confirms this. The tool not only protects your devices from unwanted operations of third parties but also speeds up their work. Despite this, the software has room to grow in the future, because the app has great potential, which has not yet been fully disclosed.

Another important feature of Security Master is that it is completely free for use. All android users can download the product from its official page and check the quality of this software on their own.

Cheetah Mobile has always been known for their quality customer service. You can contact company representatives in any way convenient for you, for example, by phone, email, etc. Company managers are in touch with their clients 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Any of your questions will be answered as soon as possible. The technical support staff will also always help to solve any problems that have arisen.

To summarize, we can say that The Security Master leaves only positive emotions. This software package includes everything you need to protect your privacy. The user only needs to install the product; everything else works out of the box, and does not require any configuration. Together with a nice interface and low system requirements, all of the above advantages make this product a must-see.


At the end of the review, let’s identify the pros and cons of the Security Master app that distinguish it from similar programs presented on the market.


+ Free software package

+ Convenient, pleasant and simple interface

+ A large number of tools

+ Good optimization and low system requirements

+ 24/7 customer support


– Limited to Android

– Ads in free version

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