How to setup a personal VPN server?

In this video, I will talk about security with the VPN server and how to install it.

Hello and welcome, I am Thierry Bragado Domain Names .fr. When you browse the Internet, send emails, your data goes through networks and you leave information that can be intercepted by cyber-hackers, by malicious people or simply by your service provider.
This problem is further accentuated when you connect using public (open) WIFI access points such as restaurants, hotels, McDonald’s. or your 3G / 4G mobile network.create vpn server

First of all, what is a VPN? A VPN is a virtual private network, in English virtual private network, hence VPN abbreviated. This allows for an extension of local networks to maintain optimal security of your data as it can be within a local network. With VPN, an interconnection is made through a “tunneling” technique.
This technique consists of transmitting the data passing through this tunnel by encapsulating them and transmitting them in encrypted form.

personal VPN server
What are the benefits of VPN?

Domain Name VPN allows you to get a secure link when you surf the Internet and anywhere you connect. Encrypting your data makes them unusable by anyone other than the recipient.

Your access to the VPN Domain Names is secure and authenticated by a couple login / password.
With VPN, you effectively protect your emails and connections. In order to secure your privacy and your data, the VPN becomes indispensable.
By using VPN, you are sure that no hacker will be able to decrypt the data that will pass through the VPN. It gives you the best security in data transfer.

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How does a VPN work?

Very concretely, the VPN allows to recreate a totally secure connection. You surf anonymously on the Internet. Your Provider and the sites you visit will have no information about you. The only information they will have is the IP address of our VPN and its location, especially in France. Instead of seeing your IP, it is the one we assign you through the VPN that will be visible. Once the VPN is configured and activated, I will show you that it is not your ip but that of the VPN that will be displayed.

You will use the Internet in the same way as before, but the big difference is that your ip and your personal information will be invisible and your connection will be secure and your data encrypted.
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